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Qualifications For All Teaching Positions

Prudentia Classical Academy is looking to hire various full-time and part-time teachers for the 2024-2025 school year who can excel at forming curricula, teaching content, and assessing student work for their respective courses.

Qualifications for Hiring 

Theological Criteria: Teachers, along with parents, students, and school board voting members, are to confess and hold to Prudentia’s statement of faith, its mission statement, and its organizational policies and procedures as explained in the Student Handbook. Likewise, the teacher is to be a member in good standing at a local, Christian church approved by the school board and administration. 

Academic Criteria: It is preferable, though not required, that the teacher hold, be pursuing, or have an academic reputation equivalent to, a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate degree in a relevant field of study from an approved college or university. The teacher is likewise to consider a plan for further study in a field of his or her choice, whether independently or formally, working to build upon and help publish Prudentia’s academic curricula. The teacher is to show a respectable capacity to work with colleagues, set and implement curricula, teach with order and decorum, and uphold both personally and professionally the principles of a classical Christian education.  

Other Responsibilities: The teacher is to fulfill the following: 1) attend and contribute to faculty meetings, approximately one or two per semester, 2) find opportunities to attend student events and support our families in their local endeavors, 3) look for opportunities to promote Prudentia’s mission and vision, and 4) attend all school events directly related to the teacher’s role as classroom instructor (approximately two events per semester). It is mandatory teachers attend the teacher training in August.     
Evaluation System: 
The mid-year and end-of-the-year personal evaluation, completed and submitted by the teacher, along with various in-class observations by board members and school administration, as well as impromptu meetings with school administration, will help measure teacher success and competency. 

Pay and Benefits:
Pay will be determined and offered after a formal interview and candidate evaluation.
Positions do not include health or retirement benefits. 



*Direct all queries to Trisha Prewitt (assistant dean) at

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