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We were blessed to have found this school the year it began. Our daughter had just finished 5th grade in public education and as parents we found ourselves longing for a more wholesome and challenging learning model. PCA provided a hybrid model we didn’t know we needed but greatly benefited from! She’s been challenged and has thrived thru their well rounded, deep, and God-centered curriculum. The school has an impressive emphasis on the great works of literature, most of which many of us don’t get to read until college, but which today’s young students are clearly capable of reading and understanding. We have seen great growth in her thinking and writing skills these past 3 years! At PCA they strive not only for academic excellence but for Godly values and character, and recognize that their partnership with parents is key! She’s been taught, loved, and beautifully discipled by all her teachers ❤️

- The Vigo Family

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