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Our Academics

Currently offering Grammar School and Logic School courses designed to lay a lifelong foundation for reading, writing, a love for learning, academic discipline, and spiritual maturity.
Art of Language

Students will work on proficiency in reading, writing, and listening. Once students reach 4-6th grades, cursive is expected on all assignments. Spelling lists are compiled from the vocabulary used in humanities, math, and such.


Basic delight in scientific knowledge with a strong emphasis on investigation based on grade level. Our goal is wonder and exploration with socratic discussion.


Logic students will conquer the basics of foreign language. The main focus in learning Latin is learning how to learn any other skill, also known as language acquisition. 


Integrated with humanities, literature, geography, history, art, and poetry all throughout the school day. 


Grammar and Logic students will learn mathematics using Saxon curriculum along with building a thorough foundation in mathematic vocabulary.  


For our younger students, they will learn Louisiana history and culture through read alouds. Third through sixth grades transition to Story of the World, paired with historical fiction for each time period. 

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