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 2023-2024 TUITION 



Tuition & Fees

Prudentia Classical Academy is committed to making Christian education as affordable as possible for families in Lake Charles and the surrounding area. Find out more about how to apply here.

Tuition & Fees for 2023-24

  • Tuition 3-6 - $3600 per year, $1800 per semester

  • Tuition 7-8 - $3800 per year, $1900 per semester

  • Registration Fee - $300 per child, $700 per family maximum per school year

  • Technology and Science Fee - $50

Tuition is due August 1 for the annual payment option, August 1, and December 1 for semester payments.

To make payments quick, easy and convenient for families; payment options include direct bank ACH or credit card (convenience fee applies).

Ministerial Discount

20% tuition discount

The ministerial discount is offered to any family employed in full-time Christian ministry.

Faculty Discount

20% tuition discount

The faculty discount is offered to any family with a parent who is a member of our faculty.

Books & Uniforms

Families purchase their own books, uniforms, and at-home school supplies. The cost of books ranges from $350 to $600 per student per year, depending on grade and whether the books are purchased new or used, and whether books can be reused from siblings. Some books and resources may be shared by multiple children in the same family. Uniforms are purchased at Southern Drifter. We encourage families to budget $600 per year per student, as an average, for books and uniforms, though cost-conscious families are often able to vastly reduce this expense through trade, sale or borrowing among the Prudentia community.

Withdrawal Policy

Prudentia Classical Academy makes commitments to faculty, staff, and facilities long before the start of a new school year. These annual obligations continue even if a child withdraws from the school. When a new or returning student enrolls by submitting an Enrollment Contract, the family has entered into a legally binding contract and owes tuition for the entire school year. This is not intended to cause hardship for any family but is a necessary provision to insure the financial solvency of the school.

Should a change in circumstances necessitate retracting your child's enrollment, please let the Head of School know. An exit interview may be requested. 

Please note, formally withdrawing does not release you from the contractual agreement established in the enrollment contract. The full tuition amount is due according to the posted schedule and prior to the release of student records. 

*Once application process is complete, you will receive an email with instructions regarding payment.

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